ShakeUp to WakeUp Alarm Clock

The ShakeUp to WakeUp Alarm Clock allows you to choose the wake-up option that works best for your needs: a vibrating bed shaker, shaker + sound, flashing LED lights + sound or shaker + flash. This unique clock incorporates Square Wave technology, a 520 Hz sound wave pattern proven to be more effective than standard clocks in waking children, heavy sleepers those with hearing impairments. Features dual alarms with snooze button, adjustable pitch and volume (up to 87 decibels), easy-to-read display and a built-in “lamp plug” that turns on a lamp as part of your wakeup routine.

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ShakeUp to WakeUp Alarm Clock

Don’t be late… and don’t wake your mate! The ShakeUp to WakeUp Alarm Clock gives you a variety of wakeup methods so you don’t oversleep, and you don’t wake up your spouse. It's also effective for waking heavy sleepers, children and the hearing impaired.

• Multifunction digital clock with dual alarms

• Ideal for those with hearing impairments, early risers and couples who wake at different times

• Wake with a combination of alarm tones, flashing lights and/or vibrations

• Four wake-up options:

- Vibrating bed shaker

- Shaker + sound

- Flashing LED lights + sound

- Shaker + flashing LED lights

• Dual alarms (set one for you, one for your partner, or use one for weekday and one for weekends)

• Snooze button

• Easy-to-read LCD display with large 0.9" red digits

• Dimmer switch for display (high/low)

• Adjustable tone and volume (up to 87 decibels)

• Square Wave technology — a 520 Hz sound wave pattern proven to be more effective in waking children, heavy sleepers those with hearing impairments

• Includes optional 12V vibration pad that can be placed on a nightstand, under a pillow or under the mattress

• 3 selectable sound alarm patterns

• Built-in LED flashers — visual alarm wakes the early riser, but does not disturb the late sleeper

• Additional built-in AC plug lets you plug in a lamp so it turns on automatically when the alarm goes off

• Large, easy-to-operate keys

• Displays time in 12- or 24-hour format

• Optional phone connection — connects to your phone line, so that any incoming call triggers the alarm and wakes you up

• Attractive design

• Plugs into an AC outlet


Length: 7.75  Inches
Width: 4.5
Height: 7.75  Inches
Weight: 1.5 Lbs

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