Set of 2 Solar Insect Bug Zapper Lights

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Keep any area of your garden blissfully free of annoying, disease carrying bugs. Set of 2 Solar Insect Bug Zapper Lights have staked bottoms for easy and secure installation. Their built-in solar collectors provide the power to switch them "on" when the sun goes down. Its UV light lures over 100 varieties of flying insects to its 300V "zapper" to eliminate them.

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Set of 2 Solar Insect Bug Zapper Lights

Imagine how much more enjoyable outdoor living becomes without having to put up with the nuisance of biting bugs. With the Solar Insect Bug Zapper, there's no costly electrical wiring to worry about, and even moderate sunlight is enough to keep them operating at peak performance through the evening. Protective grill prevents injury to pets and kids. Makes an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides or propane fueled insect repellents. What's more, with a simple touch of a button, they provide an attractive accent glow to your landscaping while adding an extra measure of sure-footed safety in the dark. Crafted of weather-repellent stainless steel. Includes rechargeable internal battery.

• Set of two

• Solar Insect Bug Zappers stake easily into the ground

• Require no electrical wiring

• Switches from UV to accent light with a touch of a button

• Each Solar Insect Bug Zapper has its own solar collector

• Highlights landscaping features at night

• Constructed of stainless steel

• Each includes an internal, solar-rechargeable battery

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Length: 6.75  Inches
Width: 6.75
Height: 20  Inches
Weight: 3 Lbs

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