Set of 2 Battling Remote Controlled Choppers

Stage your own in-air helicopter battles with this Set of 2 Battling Remote Controlled Choppers equipped and ready for a good fight. Once they take to the air, each "pilot" tries to shoot the other “pilot's” aircraft down by scoring a "hit" with the helicopters' harmless infrared light beam. The first laser hit sends the stricken helicopter veering off to the left, second laser hit sends it veering to the right and the third strike forces the helicopter to land for a few minutes of recovery before its able to take to the air again.

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Set of 2 Battling Remote Controlled Choppers

Set of 2 Battling Remote Controlled Choppers have built-in gyroscopes for extreme stability and precision. The remotes give each pilot the ability to fly their craft up/down, left/ right, and forward/backward through the air.

• Includes two helicopters, two controllers, and charging cable

• Controller range of 32 ft

• Built in gyroscopes provide extreme stability and precision

• Pilots maneuver up/down, left/ right, forward/backward

• Some assembly required; mini screwdriver included

• Remotes require 12 AA batteries

• Ages 14 and up


Length: 7  Inches
Width: 2.5
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 0.2 Lbs



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