Secure Credit Card Reader

The Secure Credit Card Reader simply plugs into your computer’s USB port. It works with the free downloadable software to encrypt your credit card information before there's even a chance to be stolen by professional hackers and identity thieves. And because your sensitive, private information is security-encrypted and no longer stored on your computer, it becomes invulnerable to spyware, viruses and other cyber attacks and remains safe and secure.

• World’s first secure, anti-theft personal credit card reader

• Protects your private info. while you shop online

• Ensures your credit card information is never stored on your computer

• Protects against consumer attacks like viruses, spyware, phishing, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks and more

• Encrypts (scrambles) your credit card information as you swipe it

• Free software downloads from Internet

• Includes USB cable

• No charging or batteries required

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Length: 4  Inches
Width: 3
Height: 2.25  Inches
Weight: 0.2 Lbs