Runaway Alarm Clock

The Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock is the ultimate secret weapon for getting even the soundest sleepers up and at 'em. Its sleek good looks belies its truly effective (and by effective we mean annoying) performance.

• Creates a big commotion to get stubborn sleepers out of bed

• Record wake-up messages with built-in microphone

• Upload favorite MP3 tracks using USB cable provided

• Allows a single "snooze" — when alarm sounds again, the clock springs off your nightstand to ensure you get going

• MP3 playback capability, so you can wake up to your favorite songs.

• Built-in microphone lets you to record your own alarm message

• Digital display with blue illumination for easy viewing

• Touch-sensitive interface for easy tie or song changing

• Requires 3 AAA batteries

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Length: 3.25  Inches
Width: 3.25
Height: 3.25  Inches
Weight: 2 Lbs