Robotic Pet Floor Vac

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With the most powerful suction of any robot vacuum, the rechargeable Robotic Pet Floor Vac is designed to pick up stubborn pet hair and tiny allergens. This advanced robot scans your home and vacuums all types of floor surfaces in a methodical back-and-forth pattern before reurning to its charge base. When the dirt bin is full, simply empty it into the trash. You’ll love to watch the Robotic Pet Floor Vac at work, or program it to clean while you’re out. Battery charges in 2 to 3 hours and lasts 40 to 60 minutes. Charging base plugs into an AC outlet.

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Robotic Pet Floor Vac

The Robotic Pet Floor Vac patrols your home automatically to pick up pet hair and remove allergens. It works whenever you like — even if you’re not home!

• Designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers

• Filter retains more than three times the amount of fine dust particles as standard filters

• Bristle-and-blade combination brush improves pick-up of pet hair, dander and fibers

• Cleans in a methodical back-and-forth pattern until entire floor has been vacuumed

• Includes boundary markers that robot will not cross

• Returns to base when job is complete or battery is low

• Bagless cleaning – empty dirt bin into trash

• LCD screen makes programming easy

• Schedule vacuum to clean while you’re out

• Works on all types of floors

• Avoids obstacles — won’t run into your furniture

• Indicator light tells you charge status and when to empty the dust bin

• Charging base plugs into an AC outlet

• Charge time: 2 to 3 hours

• Runs 40 to 60 minutes on a full charge (longer on hard floors, shorter on carpeted floors)

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Length: 12.5  Inches
Width: 13
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 15 Lbs

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