Robotic Cat Toy

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Give your kitties the time of their lives with this mechanical playmate that's sure to engage them in plenty of activity. This Robotic Cat Toy attaches to any smooth surface with its suction cup base and bounces a ball, feather and bell around randomly, to entice your cat into jumping running, batting and swinging. Turns off automatically after ten minutes and is programmable to start again several times throughout the day.

Robotic Cat Toy

Makes a great way to give your cat an excellent and fun workout that they need to stay healthy. Plus, the Robotic Cat toy keeps the kitties occupied when you're not home, so they're less likely to get bored and get into mischief. But the fun really starts when you're at home and get to watch your kitties having a terrific time playing with their robotic pal.

• Suction cup base attaches to any smooth surface

• Electronic beep signals that a play session is about to begin

• Kitties can't resist the bouncing ball, feather and bell

• Single Play Mode launches a one-time 10-minute play session

• Play While You Are Away™ Mode pre-schedules multiple play sessions throughout the day

• Requires 3 AAA batteries

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Length: 4.5  Inches
Width: 3.25
Height: 4.75  Inches
Weight: 0.3 Lbs

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