Retro Smartphone Handset

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It's the best of both worlds—21st century technology blended with 1950s style, convenience and comfort. The Retro Smartphone Handset was inspired by the iconic telephone "receivers" on nearly every phone in mid-century America, and even includes its wonderful, stretchable "curly cue" cord. Works with all iPhones, android, and blackberry smartphones.

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Retro Smartphone Handset

Retro Smartphone Handset is simpler, more comfortable, and provides more privacy than cell phones typically provide. Imagine how much easier the Retro Smartphone Handset makes pulling off that commanding, captain of industry "in-charge" look, than your teeny little flat phone.

Plus, the Retro Smartphone Handset cleans up the sound of cellular communications for brighter, clearer conversations. You’ll appreciate the fact that the Retro Smartphone Handset eliminates 90% of any radiation exposure from cell phone use. Simply plug it into your cell phone, smartphone, tablet, or laptop’s 3.5mm headphone jack and start gabbing. It makes a great starting point for conversations both remote and in-person folks who appreciate its memory.

• Features one-touch pick-up/hang-up from handset

• Works with all iPhone, android, and blackberrry smartphones

• Allow accesses to phone functions when making calls

• Eliminate over 90% of absorbed phone radiation

• Turns your tablet computer into a telephone via Skype or VOIP application

• Cleans up cell communications "noise"

• Has a 3.5mm plug

• Enhanced clarity speaker and microphone

• Made from silicone and metal with soft-touch finish

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Length: 2.36  Inches
Width: 2.42
Height: 8.39  Inches
Weight: 0.97 Lbs

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