Red Light Camera Detector

The Red Light Camera Detector uses GPS to locate your vehicle and warn you if you’re near a red light camera or a speed camera trap.

• 100% legal in all 50 states

• Compact and rechargeable

• Mounts on the dash or clips to a visor

• Uses GPS to track your vehicle

• Warns you when you get close to a red light camera or a speed camera

• Alerts you with a visual and audible alarm

• Avoid expensive traffic fines

• Become more aware of your own driving habits

• Uses an ever-growing database of thousands of known red light cameras and speed camera traps

• PC and Internet connection required for database updates

• Includes free lifetime weekly updates to the database of traffic cameras, which you can download over the Internet using your PC and the free software. (NOTE: Software does not run natively on the Mac OS, but can be installed with VM Ware or Parallels.)

• Charger plugs into an auto cigarette lighter

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Length: 2.95  Inches
Width: 1.1
Height: 0.67  Inches
Weight: 0.066 Lbs