Rechargeable Cordless Air Compressor

An ordinary portable air pump is limited by the length of its cord. But not the AirMan Cordless Air Compressor Pump. This powerful compact multi-purpose air pump comes equipped with a 9.6-volt rechargeable battery, so you can just slip this electric air pump into your pocket and take it where you need it.

The AirMan portable air pump is amazingly powerful for its size! This electric air pump might be small enough to slip into your pocket, but with 150 PSI and its specially designed automatic motor vehicle tire pressure control hose this multi-purpose air pump easily inflates car or motorcycle tires. Of course the AirMan portable air pump will also inflate bike tires, sports balls, rafts or air mattresses. When you’re finished, recharge the battery of this electric sir pump with either the AC adaptor or the power source adaptor – both are included. The AirMan Cordless Air Compressor Pump includes:

• One high pressure portable air pump

• One 9.6 volt rechargeable Ni-Cd battery pack

• Multi-purpose air pump includes automatic motor vehicle tire pressure control hose

• Electric air pump also includes ball and bike adaptors and a 12v power source adapter.

Batteries: 9.6 volt NiCd Rechargeable

Recommended For: Bikes, Motorcycles, car tires, balls, lawn tractor tires

Download the manual here.

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Length: 8.19  Inches
Width: 2.38
Height: 8.19  Inches
Weight: 2 Lbs