RC Flying Bird

The RC Flying Bird is unlike any flying toy you’ve ever tried. It flies by flapping its wings, at altitudes up to 100 yards.

• For beginner to expert RC users

• Ultralight flying toy — 8.85g

• Very precise power control — 128 steps

• Flies indoors or outdoors

• Adjustable tail angle for fast or slow flights

• Sharp and immediate steering control for aerial stunts

• Low weight/wing area ratio is ideal for gliding

• Rechargeable battery charges directly from controller without wires

• Very short charging time: 12 min.

• One set of batteries provides up to 75 charges

• Electronic protection against motor heating

• Electronic protection against any battery damage

• Coded channels — up to 128 birds can fly simultaneously

• Includes suitcase-style carrying box

• Requires 6 AA batteries

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Length: 13  Inches
Width: 6.75
Height: 0.75  Inches
Weight: 0.16 Lbs