Proper Alignment Neck Pillow

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Do you suffer from chronic headaches, neck and back pain or stiffness? The revolutionary PILLO1 Neck Pillow could give you the relief you’re looking for. Invented by renowned pro-athlete/celebrity Chiropractor, Dr. Raymond Hall, this highly innovative neck support pillow provides support, comfort and adapts to every sleeping position. Unlike any other pillow, PILLO1 doesn’t just cradle your head and neck – it helps put your whole body in proper healing positions for restful sleep. Designed from three different densities of premium, eco-friendly foams in two primary sleeping surfaces for optimal comfort and support, this latex neck pillow provides pressure-relieving supportive comfort whether you sleep on your back or side. Providing up to 33 times more pressure relief than other foam pillows, this naturally hypoallergenic neck pain pillow comes in 3 custom sizes, and is eco-friendly, dust-mite resistant and anti-microbial.

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Proper Alignment Neck Pillow

Improve sleep and reduce pain with the PILLO1 Neck Pillow – designed by a pro-athlete/celebrity Chiropractor after exhaustive research. This uniquely designed neck support pillow features precisely engineered contours, shoulder cut-outs and angulated side sleeping panels for unmatched support in any sleeping position. In fact, in a pilot study, people who used this innovative latex neck pillow experienced a 21.3% increase in REM sleep over those who used ordinary pillows, which translates into better sleep.

If you’re a back sleeper the PILLO1 neck pain pillow provides pressure –relieving supportive comfort that maintains the anatomically correct C-shaped curve of your neck and cradles your head.

If you’re a side sleeper the PILLO1 Neck Pillow has two side panels that deliver feather like softness while keeping your head in perfect alignment with your spine.

This revolutionary neck support pillow is available in 3 custom sizes: Small, if you’re 4 feet to 5’2” tall, Standard – for those 5’3” to 6’3”, and Large, if you’re taller than 6’4”. This naturally hypoallergenic neck pain pillow comes in 3 custom sizes, and is eco-friendly, dust-mite resistant and anti-microbial.

The PILLO1 Neck Pillow just could give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Here’s why:

• Latex neck pillow features revolutionary design that aligns your whole body

• Innovative neck support pillow uses 3 densities of breathable eco-friendly foam

• Neck pillow works equally well for side and back sleepers

• Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial

• 3 custom sizes:

• Small – for those 4 feet to 5’2”

• Standard – for those 5’3” to 6’3”

• Large – for 6’4” and up

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.

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Length: 25  Inches
Width: 14
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 2.45 Lbs

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