Projection Light Ant Farm

Watch as the ants turn the high-tech gel into their home. Since the gel also provides them with all the moisture and nutrients they need, this means you don't need to add any food or water to the Projection Light Ant Farm.

The Projection Light Ant Farm comes with the habitat pre-filled with the NASA tunneling gel. The super bright, built-in LEDs light up this extraordinary environment so you can see the ants hard at work. It also comes with a viewing lens to make possible the dramatic shadows they cast on the ceiling. Includes an ant-watcher's manual, tunnel starter tool, and instructions for ordering live harvester ants.

• Includes break-resistant ant habitat pre-filled with tunneling gel

• LED and projecting lens

• Non-toxic gel, not safe for humane consumption

• After ordering live ants use starter tool to prepare habitat

• Remove habitat cap to insert live ants

• Requires 3 AAA batteries

• For ages 6 and up

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Length: 3.75  Inches
Width: 3.75
Height: 7.75  Inches
Weight: 1.18 Lbs