Programmable Digital Sound Soother

The Programmable Digital Sound Soother puts you in control of serious digital sound design, with 8 soothing base sounds and up to 8 more accent sounds.

• Easy to use

• Creates a blanket of smooth sound that masks disruptive noises

• Blocks noises at a broad range of frequencies

• Eight base sounds include: white noise, lake shore, rain, country eve, surf 1, surf 2, thunderstorm, and brook

• Base sounds can be used on their own or combined with 1 to 8 accent sounds

• Eight accent sounds include: sea gull, owl, song birds, loons, frogs, hawk, buoy and dove

• Accent sounds play at random times for a unique, unpredictable sound experience

• Clear, digital recordings

• Remembers your last combination when you turn it off and on

• Runs continuously with on/off button

• Optional timer function shuts unit off automatically after 60 minutes

• Adjustable volume control

• Adjustable tone control

• Used by students, office workers, spouses of snorers, night shift workers and those suffering from tinnitus

• Also great for infants’ and children’s bedtime or nap routine

• Headphone jack

• 6' cord

• Powerful 4 ohm speaker

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 5.85  Inches
Width: 8.75
Height: 3.12  Inches
Weight: 1.5 Lbs