Pressure Boosting Shower Head

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Get caught in a lovely warm rain shower – every morning – with the Pressure Boosting Shower Head. To start with, the 54-nozzle showerhead is a full 7.5” diameter, on the end of a 9” adjustable shower arm that lets you adjust for the perfect angle and height. Next, patented oxygen technology introduces air into the water to create a powerful oxygenated spray – it increases the oxygen content of the water up to 10 times! Add to this increased water velocity that’s up to 30% more powerful than traditional rain showers, and you’ll have an amazing shower every day. If that’s not enough, this shower head uses significantly less water and is easy to install on a standard shower arm.

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Pressure Boosting Shower Head

Enjoy an invigorating, pressurized shower spray – even if you don’t have great water pressure. With the Pressure Boosting Shower Head, every morning is an incredible, warm summer rain with the benefits of added oxygenation and increased water velocity. You can enjoy up to 30% gain in water pressure, while using 20-70% less water. Don’t settle for a wimpy showerhead – insist on this amazing Pressure Boosting Shower Head. It installs easily, works wonderfully and doesn’t clog.

• Shower head technology creates a rain shower that is 30% stronger

• Enjoy the feeling of naturally falling water

• Boosted by patented pressure-increasing technology

• Feels like a warm, invigorating rain shower

• Feel fully restored and clean

• Oxygen-infused water droplets improve feel and rinsing capabilities

• Saves up to 85$ per year in water and energy costs and is WaterSense certified

• No special tools needed – installs in just minutes

• Included 9” extension arm makes it easy to adjust the height and spray angle so family members can each have the shower experience they want

• Nearly 8” face for complete coverage

• Easy clean, non clogging spray nozzles

• 2.0 GPM flow rate

• Chrome color

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Length: 3.3  Inches
Width: 8.5
Height: 11.65  Inches
Weight: 1.3 Lbs

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