Pressure Boosting Shower Head

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Meet the Pressure Boosting Shower Head that gives you the perfect Storm: 54 oxygenated spray nozzles, coupled with 30% more water pressure than other rain shower heads. Plus, it uses up to 70% less water than inefficient rain shower heads. Replace your outdated rain shower head for ours, and you’ll enjoy the luxury of a refreshing, indoor monsoon, anytime. Providing the ultimate water pressure, no other rain shower head can touch the full saturation of this 54 nozzle shower head. Patented technology injects oxygen into your water spray for a healthier, more refreshing shower than you have ever experienced. The Storm rain showerhead has a 9-inch adjustable arm.

Pressure Boosting Shower Head

When you want a shower that’s a true downpour, bypass all other showerheads for the Pressure Boosting Shower Head. Offering 30% more water pressure, this superior Pressure Boosting Shower Head delivers a satisfying soak through 54 spray nozzles. Oxygenation adds a refreshing layer of oxygen to your shower, for a continuous range of sensations that other rain showerheads simply can’t touch. And with its 9-inch adjustable arm, you can perfectly target your rain shower heads monsoon spray.

• Saturates more effectively than other rain showerheads

• Rain showerhead gives you a full 54 spray nozzles

• 30% more water pressure than most rain shower heads

• Patented technology injects oxygen into your spray

• Storm Rain Shower Head uses up to 70% less water

• Fixed, 9-inch adjustable shower arm

• Rain showerhead is easy to install; adjust

• Clog free design

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Length: 7.5  Inches
Width: 3
Height: 7.5  Inches
Weight: 1.5 Lbs

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