Powered Water Filtration System

Get great-tasting, healthy water fast with the Powered Water Filtration System. This powered system features a 4-in-1 filter that removes 10X more contaminants than gravity-based pitcher filter systems. The filter contains activated carbon (to remove odors and chemicals), catalytic carbon (chlorine), ion exchange (lead, mercury and other heavy metals) and sub-micron mechanical filtration (asbestos). Includes half-gallon fridge door pitcher, 1-gallon dispenser and one 6-month filter (good for 320 gallons).

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Powered Water Filtration System

Buy the Powered Water Filtration System at SharperImage.com. It has an electric filter that removes 10X more contaminants than gravity-based pitcher filter systems.

• Delivers great-tasting, healthy water fast

• Designed to reduce 10X more contaminants than the leading gravity-based pitcher filter

• Tested by NSF International, the gold standard for water filtration, to reduce 60 harmful contaminants from drinking water including lead, mercury, asbestos, giardia, cryptosporidium, herbicides, pesticides and more

• The only pitcher filter on the market proven to remove over 96% of chlorine and chloramines (ammonia + chlorine disinfectant commonly used at municipal water facilities)

• 8X more filter capacity than most gravity-based pitcher filters, so you don’t have to frequently replace your filters

• Filter lasts about 6 months, for approximately 320 gallons

• Includes one (1) Claryum™ filter so you can start filtering your water immediately

• Eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic water bottles — one Claryum™ filter cartridge replaces approximately 4,000 plastic water bottles

• LED lights at base alert you when it’s time to change your filter

• No more guessing if and when you need to replace your old filter cartridge

• Low maintenance system with easy-change replacement cartridges

• Filtration dock allows you to use the portable 8-cup pitcher or the larger 16-cup dispenser for on-demand filtered water by the glass

• Four-step filtration process:

- Activated Carbon reduces organic chemicals: herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals, MTBE, disinfectant by-products and other industrial chemicals for improved taste and elimination of odors

- Catalytic Carbon reduces chlorine and chloramines — the by-product of chlorine and ammonia used in water disinfection. Up to 30% of US households are delivered water treated with chloramines.

- Ion Exchange reduces heavy metals like lead and mercury

- Absolute Sub-Micron Mechanical Filtration reduces asbestos and chlorine resistant cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia. The sub-micron pore structure, measuring only 0.5 microns, greatly increases the effective contaminant-removing surface area of the filter, resulting in superior filtration

• Plugs into an AC outlet


Length: 18  Inches
Width: 6
Height: 12  Inches
Weight: 10 Lbs


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