Posture Correcting Trainer

The Posture Correcting Trainer is a lightweight harness that lets you know whenever you’re slouching. Wear it for a few minutes a day to develop good posture habits that last a lifetime!

• Biofeedback posture training device

• Lightweight and cordless

• Alerts you when you slouch with beeping or vibration

• Designed by an occupational therapist

• Worn over your clothing

• Use 15 to 20 minutes per session, up to 3 sessions a day

• Simple to use

• Comfortable to wear

• Develops your “muscle memory” so you have better posture

• Look taller and feel better with proper posture

• Available in Small (slight frame, waist 20"-34") or Large (broad shoulders/chest or tall persons, waist up to 52").

• Operates on one included 3V coin cell battery

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Length: 40  Inches
Width: 0.5
Height: 22  Inches
Weight: 0.4 Lbs