Portable Fabric and Surface Steam Cleaner

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Imagine what you could steam and sanitize in 15 minutes – and then get to it with this Portable Fabric and Surface Steam Cleaner. This hand held steamer goes anywhere you need it to, without a bulky, hard-to-move canister! Just fill it with water; in 2 minutes you’re ready to freshen fabrics, remove wrinkles, sanitize bedding and drapery and freshen suits and dresses – even clean hard to reach areas. Even kills bed bugs and mites! Other steamers can cause wrist strain, and are hard to maneuver. But this small Portable Steamer helps you create a safe, healthy environment with just water, and a 14-piece accessory kit.

Portable Fabric and Surface Steam Cleaner

This is the little steamer with big results! A little bit of water gives you 15 minutes of continuous steam to sanitize, clean and freshen fabrics and garments. With an extra long cord of nearly 19 feet, you can tackle hard to reach areas. Sanitize without harsh chemicals and cleaners. The ergonomic handle protects your wrist while you clean and sanitize.

• Removes wrinkles, freshens fabrics

• Steam temp is 245 degrees Fahrenheit

• Steam is ready in 2 minutes

• Ergonomic handle protects wrists from strain

• Safe and comfortable way to clean

• Sanitize and freshen fabrics without harsh chemicals

• Great for bedding, drapery, suits and dresses

• Comes with these components: brass brush, fabric accessory, nylon bush (2), cloth for fabrics (3), window cleaning blade, angle nozzle, flexible pipe, taper nozzle, taper nozzle with handle water beaker, and accessory bag

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 5.5  Inches
Width: 6
Height: 12  Inches
Weight: 2.5 Lbs

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