Portable Brazilian BBQ

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Create the flavors of an authentic Brazilian steakhouse at home with this Portable Brazilian BBQ; it turns any gas stove or camping grill into an amazing smokeless grill. Indoors or outdoors, this cooker is great for an innovative social gathering, or for a fast, delicious family dinner. In less than 20 minutes, you can enjoy grilled beef, pork, chicken or fish – along with vegetables – all done to perfection at the same time. The Portable Brazilian BBQ uses convection cooking to seal in nutrition and flavorful juices, while allowing unhealthy fat to drain. Easy to clean; great for camping, tailgating or dinner at home.

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Portable Brazilian BBQ

Take your entertaining, and your family dinners, to new levels with this Portable Brazilian BBQ. It’s an amazing smokeless grill that you can use indoors on your gas stove, or outdoors on your portable camp stove. Your guests can each create a skewer with their favorite meats and vegetables, and even though they will all be different, this portable grill uses convection technology to cook everything to perfection in less than 20 minutes. You won’t believe how moist and juicy your meals will be! This BBQ locks in juices, while allowing unhealthy fats to drain away. And when you’re done, you’ll find that non-stick surfaces and dishwasher safe parts make cleanup easy and fast. Try grilling fruits for fast, fresh desserts!

• Smokeless indoor grill

• Delicious, fast way to cook fish, beef, pork, chicken and veggies, even fruit

• Comes with 5 skewers, 2 double skewers and 1 grill basket

• Seals in nutrition; flavorful juices

• Drains away unhealthy fat

• Easy to clean

• Parts are dishwasher safe

• Nonstick surface makes clean up easy

• Cook everything at the same time with convection heat

• Portable, use indoors or outdoors

• Use with gas stove or portable camping stove

• A full meal can be served in less than 20 minutes.

• Grill inside without the smoke. Average cooking time is 18 minutes.

• Place grill over a burner and inside this patented cooker. Food is placed on skewers and in baskets suspended vertically around the heat source.

• Great for camping and tailgate parties

• Material: Aluminum grill body and lid. Stainless steel skewers. Chrome plated basket

• Capacity: holds enough food to feed 4

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Length: 12  Inches
Width: 12
Height: 15  Inches
Weight: 6.5 Lbs

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