Pocket Digital AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio

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You’ll never want to go skiing, backpacking, hiking or camping again without the Pocket Digital AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio – especially when you discover its many valuable features. With just 3 AAA batteries, you can connect with National Weather Radio forecasts and the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) for up to date announcements on storms, tornadoes and other hazardous weather or public alerts coming your way. The Built-in super bright LED flashlight is always good to have on hand with this lightweight and portable weather radio. The backlit display shows you digital time and features AM/FM.

Pocket Digital AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio

In good weather, it’s a great sounding, high-performing AM/FM radio that picks up well beyond local stations. In rough weather, you’ll be glad for up to the minute weather reports and alerts. Simply insert 3AAA batteries and keep this portable weather radio with you at all times – in your car, in your cabin, or in your backpack.

• Real time NOAA weather alert

• All 7 NOAA weather channels pre-programmed

• Built in super bright LED flashlight

• Back-lit blue display

• 12/24 hour digital clock

• Telescopic antenna extends to 8 inches

• Built in dynamic speaker for crisp, clear sound

• Ultra compact and lightweight

• NOAA will automatically activate the radio to inform you of hazardous weather conditions or warnings including natural, environmental and public safety while the radio is set at the “alert” mode

• Connected to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) through NWR (National Weather Radio) network provided by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association)

• Digital tuner picks up AM/FM stations, local and not local

• Great for emergency preparedness, camping, hiking, skiing and more

• Requires 3AAA batteries

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Length: 5.63  Inches
Width: 2.50
Height: 1.25  Inches
Weight: 0.25 Lbs




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