Personal Mosquito Repeller

Forget about toxic sprays, candles and stationary bug zappers. The Personal Mosquito Repeller creates a 15-foot non-toxic bug-free zone for you and anyone nearby!

• Non-toxic mosquito relief

• Clips onto your belt

• Quiet operation

• Built-in fan disburses a natural, citrus-like fragrance called Geraniol which is made from geranium plants

• Creates a 15-foot bug-free perimeter to protect you and anyone nearby

• Safe to use around children and pets

• Protection moves with you, unlike zappers and candles

• Can be used indoors or outdoors

• Safer than citronella candles (no open flames)

• Includes 2 replaceable Geraniol cartridges for up to 240 hours of use

• Extra cartridges available at (Item No. 200584)

• Requires 2 AA batteries

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Length: 4  Inches
Width: 3
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 1 Lbs