Personal GPS Homing Device

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You’ll never get lost again with the easy-to-use Personal GPS Homing Device. It takes you back to your point of origin, whether it’s a car in a crowded parking lot or a secluded campsite... anywhere up to 10,000 miles away! Simply press one button to mark your location and the Personal GPS Homing Device will guide you back to that same spot. Small and sleek, it fits in a pocket, purse or on a key ring. The Personal GPS Homing Device even has a backlit LCD screen for viewing in low light or darkness.

Personal GPS Homing Device

Global Positioning Systems are found in most every car. But now you can carry a GPS in your pocket. The Personal GPS Homing Device helps you find your way back… in a parking lot, in a campground or in a foreign city.

• Personal GPS tracking device

• Press a button to set your point of origin

• GPS guides you back to your point of origin — just follow the arrow

• Virtually unlimited range — up to 10,000 miles

• Great for crowded parking lots, hiking trips or walking around an unfamiliar city

• Compact size — fits in any purse, pocket or key ring

• Backlit LCD screen for viewing in low-light or darkness

• Weather-resistant

• Remembers up to three locations

• Easy to use, only two buttons

• Screen shows a directional arrow and the distance to your destination

• Includes fastening ring

• Requires 2 AAA batteries

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Length: .75  Inches
Width: 2
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: .25 Lbs




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