Personal Audio Enhancer

Hang onto every word, even in a noisy restaurant! The Personal Audio Enhancer uses powerful noise-reduction technology to filter out the background sounds and let you hear conversations, cell phone calls and TV shows in crisp, clear high definition.

• High-definition sound for everyday listening situations

• Compact and discrete – cell phone sized handset fits into shirt or pants pocket

• High-end ear buds with built-in microphone

• Digital noise reduction and feedback suppression

• Four selectable functions for different listening situations: talk mode, TV mode, phone mode and relaxation mode

• Talk mode lets you hear conversations more clearly, even in noisy situations and restaurants

• Connect the base unit to your TV and select TV mode on handset to enjoy wireless stereo sound from your TV, from up to 33' away

• Phone mode lets you connect the handset to any cell phone with included stereo cable, so you can hear the caller better

• Phone mode can also be used to listen to MP3 player

• Relaxation mode lets you select one of four preloaded, high-quality nature sounds: ocean waves, gentle stream, chirping birds or rainfall

• Four EQ modes: normal, low-frequency boost, medium-frequency boost and high-frequency boost

• Mute button on ear bud cable turns off microphone

• Charges easily – simply place handset into base unit

• Charging time: 5 hours

• Rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts up to 8 hours in TV mode, up to 14 hours in talk or phone mode

• 8 volume levels

• Low battery indicator

• Lock/unlock switch prevents settings from changing during use

• Includes stereo cable for connecting cell phone or MP3 player

• Includes RCA, optical and coaxial cables for connecting TV set

• Includes 4 pairs of ear bud covers

• Includes optional neck strap

• Includes carrying case for ear buds

• Charging base plugs into an AC outlet

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