Panoramic Rearview Mirror

And when you're confident that you've got "all lanes covered" you can drive more safely with less fatigue — a significant cause of many accidents. The Panoramic Rearview Mirror offsets visual distortion and disorientation, so you can trust that what you're seeing is really there.

The Panoramic Rearview Mirror also helps the driver see what's going on in the back seat to minimize distractions from passengers and those "don't make me come back there" moments with the kids. Plus, it installs in seconds — it simply clamps to your existing rearview mirror — no tools or adhesives needed.

• Helps eliminate blind spots — gives you a full rear traffic view without turning your head

• Helps ensure safe and accurate lane changes without guesswork

• Helps to safely merge and exit freeways, join traffic flow with just a glance

• Shatterproof and vibration-free and offsets visual distortion and disorientation

• Reduces glare for safer night driving

• Fits most vehicles — quick and easy installation

• Helps prevent auto accidents

• Assists drivers with back and neck mobility impairments

• Provides a full view "child watch" in the back seat

• Boosts driving confidence and relieves driving fatigue

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Length: 15.5  Inches
Width: 2.25
Height: 1.75  Inches
Weight: 0.625 Lbs


Please click here for the product manual.