Outlast Comforter

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Here’s the white flag for your nightly ‘temperature battles’ – this remarkable Outlast Comforter is the perfect solution for thermally incompatible couples! Developed by NASA to accommodate temperature extremes in space, the earthly application is even more remarkable. Women experiencing night sweats and other temperature-related symptoms of menopause will find this “phase change” material helps manage body temperature for a better night’s sleep. Sharing a blanket with someone who can’t decide if they’re hot or cold? You’ll enjoy the comfortable warmth and heat regulation from the Outlast Comforter. Available in Queen or King; machine washable 350 thread count 100% sateen cover; poly fiber fill.

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Outlast Comforter

NASA had the astronauts in mind, but we think a few marriages might last a little longer thanks to this amazing Outlast Comforter. The unique “phase change” materials absorb, store and release excess body heat to help maintain temperature balance. Perfect for any woman experiencing broken sleep due to temperature related issues, or couples who can’t agree on bedding layers.

• Uses Outlast “phase change” materials which absorb, store and release excess body heat to maintain temperature balance

• Lined with the Outlast® Certified Gold level application. This level is suited for thermally incompatible couples as well as people experiencing night sweats such as symptoms associated with menopause

• Machine washable

• OUTLAST technology, absorbs and stores heat when the body is hot and releases stored heat when the body is cold

• Perfect for sleep partners who prefer different sleep temperatures because the Cooling Comforter adjusts independently to an individual’s skin temperature allowing both sleepers to remain comfortable throughout the night

• 100% cotton sateen cover with poly fiber fill

• 350-thread count

• Available in Queen and King sizes

• Available in white

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Length: 22.00  Inches
Width: 20.00
Height: 7.10  Inches
Weight: 9.70 Lbs

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