Outdoor Bark Control Trainer

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The Outdoor Bark Control Trainer safely trains your dog (or your neighbor’s dog) to stop barking. Whenever it detects barking, it emits an ultrasonic tone inaudible to most humans. Before long, the dog will associate his barking with the noise and stop barking. A digital timer can be programmed to turn the unit on and off at specific times, just like an alarm clock. Weatherproof, attractive and discreet birdhouse design, with 50' range.

Outdoor Bark Control Trainer

The Outdoor Bark Control Trainer trains your dog (or your neighbor’s dog) to stop barking with safe ultrasonic tones.

• Uses high-frequency ultrasonic sound to disrupt nuisance barking

• Attractive and discreet birdhouse design

• Works on all dogs within hearing range

• 50' range

• Coverage projects in a cone shape of about 150 degrees in front of the speaker

• Durable, weatherproof design

• Built-in timer has two programmable on/off presets

• For outdoor use only

• Requires one 9V battery

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Length: 6  Inches
Width: 6
Height: 7.75  Inches
Weight: 1.18 Lbs