Organized Travelers Shoulder Pack

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Your essential items are safe and securely tucked away in this, Organized Travelers Shoulder Pack. Smartly designed and easier on your neck, shoulders and back than a backpack, you can use this shoulder pack while running, hiking, cycling, dog-walking or even for hands-free shopping. Worn from shoulder to hip, it carries your smart phone, keys, mp3 player, camera, glasses, snack, wallet – even a water bottle. Rear reflector adds safety. No slip, contoured shoulder strap is ergonomic; distributes weight evenly for comfort. Cool and comfortable, stylish and compact, this is great for men or women.

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Organized Travelers Shoulder Pack

Backpacks are great if you’re in school, or on an overnight hike. But when you’re running along the beach and need a smart way to carry your sunglasses, wallet and phone, you need to take a look at The Organized Travelers Shoulder Pack. You won’t believe the smart compartments that give you unlimited possibilities, all while remaining cool and comfortable. And while backpacks can cause back and neck strain, this shoulder-to-hip strap is ergonomically designed for freedom of movement and function, along with style.

• Padded Sunglass Holder

• Mesh inner lining provides cool comfort

• Carabineer on one end for your keys

• Rear reflector keeps you safe on the move

• The designed space for the bottle pouch is multi-purposed, as it allows for easy access to a water bottle, and creates an anchor for the strap: a 16 or 20 oz. bottle is the first thing that should go on strap

• Loop on top of strap allows you to hang on a wall when not in use

• No Slip/Contoured Shoulder Strap

• Ergonomic design reduces back, neck and shoulder strain

• High Quality Velcro, high density poly fabric

• Foam core adds comfort

• Available in Black

• Available in Small, Medium or Large

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Length: 27  Inches
Width: 4
Height: 0.5  Inches
Weight: 0.8 Lbs


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