Motion-Activated Paper Towel Dispenser

The Motion Activated Paper Towel Dispenser automatically retracts any excess towels back onto the roll. Prevents germs from spreading through multiple hand-to-roll contact and assures that the remaining paper towels on the roll stay pristine, even if your hands are not. Terrific for use in a workshop, garage or bathroom. It's powered by your choice of 4 D batteries (not included) or plugs into an AC outlet.

• Built-in motion detector assures easy hands-free operation

• Accepts any standard paper towel rolls

• Quick and easy one-hand paper towel roll

• Easy installation under cabinets

• Eliminates the spread of germs through hands-to-roll contact

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Length: 9.6  Inches
Width: 14.6
Height: 7.6  Inches
Weight: 8.8 Lbs