Motion Activated Light with Backup Emergency Flashlight

Add peace of mind to your regular nighttime safety with the rechargeable nightlight that doubles as emergency backup lighting. The Motion Activated Light With Backup Emergency Flashlight is always charged and ready to shine during a power outage.

• Compact, 4-in-1 multi-purpose lighting: nightlight, motion sensing light, emergency backup light and rechargeable flashlight in one device

• Provides energy-saving, hands free, on-demand lighting

• In nightlight mode, 1 LED nightlight glows from dusk til dawn

• In motion mode, 3 LEDs light up when you approach, and turn off after one minute

• 12-ft. motion sensor range

• When power goes out, 3 LEDs automatically turn on and shine for up to 8 hours

• Remove device from outlet to use as an emergency flashlight that shines for up to 8 hours

• Rechargeable battery stays charged and ready for any emergency

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 2.25  Inches
Width: 4
Height: 1  Inches
Weight: 1 Lbs