Memory Master CD Recorder

Underneath the skin of this retro styled record player lies the easiest way to transfer vinyl to CD. The Crosley Radio Memory Master CD Recorder is a high tech recording device wrapped in the skin of a classic hi-fi turntable. It’s easy to use this CD recorder turntable – just place a record on the platter, put in a CD and press record. No tangled mess of wires, no complicated hookups of multiple devices. Whether your records are 33 1/3, 45, or even 78 RPM they’ll sound great through the on board stereo speakers. You can even listen to AM/FM radio when you’re not using it as a turntable CD recorder. As if that weren’t enough, a USB connection on this CD recorder turntable makes it easy to archive and edit your music on any computer running Windows or the Mac OS.

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Memory Master CD Recorder

At first glance you might think the Crosley Radio Memory Master CD Recorder is an antique tabletop hi-fi. But beneath the surface is technology engineered for easy transfer of your 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM records to CD, technology that makes this the retro looking turn table into a sophisticated CD recorder turntable.

Forget tangled cords, or trying to hook one device to another. Just put your LP on the turntable CD recorder, put in a blank CD, and press record. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Listen as you record with the on board stereo speakers, or you can even listen to the AM/FM radio! Crosley Radio even equipped this CD recorder turntable with a high speed USB connection for easy archiving of your vinyl collection. Want to edit your music? Editing software is included with the turntable CD recorder, and so is a full function remote control.

The Crosley Radio Memory Master CD Recorder looks cool, and sounds even better. Here’s what sets Iitapart from any recording device you’ve ever owned:

• Sleek retro styling hides a high tech turntable CD recorder

• Transfers vinyl or cassette to CD

• 3 speed turntable – 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM

• Turntable, cassette player, CD recorder

• USB enabled, Windows and Mac compatible

• AM/FM radio

• Stereo speakers

• Remote control

• Editing software included


Length: 14.25  Inches
Width: 17.5
Height: 10.25  Inches
Weight: 21 Lbs


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