Manual Typewriter

Many novelists still swear by a traditional typewriter for writing – it often encourages truly disciplined word-smithing not found with computers or word processors. And it’s true that there’s something very satisfying about listening to the clacking of typewriter keys on paper. Our Manual Typewriter is a true classic, but not just for appearance sake, it really gets the job done. Write letters without relying on a compatible printer, make quick work of labels and envelope addressing too. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish with this iconic office machine.

• Comes with sturdy case and handle

• Stays secure inside case during transport

• Hard shell carrying case and locking cartridge protects on long journeys

• Use for printing on envelopes, labels, carbon-copied forms and other tasks suitable for computer printers

• Comes with one ribbon

• Additional ribbons available online

• Two color print selection

• 44 keys/88 symbols

• Max. paper width 9.5”

• Features, line spacing, margin set, carriage lock, paper release lever, paper support bar variable line spacing selector with 3 positions and interlinear lever and return to the beginning of the carriage

• No power source required

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Length: 13.00  Inches
Width: 12.50
Height: 4.50  Inches
Weight: 13.00 Lbs