Luxury Plush Body Wrap and Blanket

The Luxury Plush Body Wrap and Blanket is the full-length garment that transforms into a soft, comfy blanket.

• Versatile body wrap

• Does not restrict movement — ideal for cooking, laundry or getting the mail

• Made with DupraSoft®, a high-tech, three-layer fabric that's machine washable, lightweight and easy to care for

• Available in two colors: Beige or Blue

• Available in three sizes based on height: S (5'1"-5'4"), M (5'5"-5'7") and L (5'8"-6')

• Large front pockets

• Unfasten zipper and Velcro® shoulders to transform wrap into a blanket

• Includes matching drawstring travel bag

• When in the travel bag, can be used as a pillow or headrest

• Makes a great gift for new moms and recovering medical patients

• Save energy — wear the Luxury Plush Body Wrap and Blanket and turn down the thermostat

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Length: 46  Inches
Width: 51
Height: 4  Inches
Weight: 1.13 Lbs