Luxury Aromatherapy Hand Cozies

Luxury Aromatherapy Hand Cozies soothe your overworked hands with comforting warmth, plus rejuvenating aromatherapy.

• Use warm or cold

• Relax the senses with heat therapy or cold therapy, plus aromatherapy

• Filled with the natural plant herbs of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus for natural aromatherapy that can last for years

• Heat therapy encourages circulation, and may be used to help ease muscle tension, stress or arthritic pain

• For warm use, microwave for 30 seconds, add 30-second intervals until optimal temperature is achieved. Maximum heating time not to exceed 90 seconds.

• Cold therapy may be used to reduce swelling associated with sports injuries

• For cold use, place cozies in plastic bags and store in freezer for several hours

• Removable grain pack

• Exterior is machine washable. Remove cover and machine wash in cold water, on delicate cycle

• Dryer safe. Tumble dry and remove promptly.

• Each cozy has a removable grain pack insert. Remove grain packs before washing. Do not allow grain pack to get wet

• Available in purple or green

• One size fits most

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Length: 12  Inches
Width: 6
Height: 1.5  Inches
Weight: 2 Lbs