Long Lasting Hair Curling Clips

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The curls are much bigger, but the heat is much lower and safer! How? With easy-to-use C-shell clips made from 100% solid ceramic. These Tourmaline C-shells require a lower temperature to give you faster curls that last longer; without damage to your hair or hands. Heat the 10 C-shells in the thermal base, twist sections of hair around your fingers, and clip. They will not burn you as some curling irons do! Remove after 5-20 minutes. You get two sizes of shells, a thermal base, EZ wrap styling wand, and an instructional guide plus a DVD, which shows you how easy great style can be.

Long Lasting Hair Curling Clips

When you’re through with too-hot-to-handle curlers that singe your fingertips and scalp, you’re ready for these Long Lasting Hair Curling Clips. The Tourmaline C-shells are made from a solid ceramic that holds heat better, giving you a stronger, faster curl without damaging or painful heat. In no time, you’ll be a pro at wrapping your hair around your fingers, and then securing the loops with an easy-to-use C-shell clip.

• Curls last much longer

• Styles are much faster

• Cooler temps protect your hair from damage!

• You get 10 clips: 5 Large C-shells, 5 Regular C-shells

• Wrap hair around fingers, and then clip to curl!

• Easy to use

• Comes with styling wand; Instructional Guide and DVD, Thermal Base

• Thermal base heats up C-shells in just 6 minutes

• Shells surround entire curl with gentle, even heat

• Plugs into an AC outlet to heat

• Color: Black

• Shells are 100% solid ceramic Tourmaline

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.

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Length: 12.5  Inches
Width: 5.75
Height: 4.5  Inches
Weight: 3.01 Lbs

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