Living Sands Set

Don't let your kids play with sand indoors — unless it’s Living Sands. This unique play material feels like cookie dough, but it's dry to the touch! The Living Sands Set has everything you need for many rainy days to come.

• Moldable play material

• Made of sand and other natural ingredients

• 100% non-toxic

• Anti-bacterial

• Never dries out

• Won't make a mess

• Sticks to itself, but not to you

• Feels like cookie dough

• Requires very little cleanup

• Includes 4 lbs. of Living Sand

• Includes large plastic tray with legs

• Includes 13 molding tools and sand roller

• Living Sands refills available at

• Ages 3+

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Length: 12.25  Inches
Width: 24
Height: 3.75  Inches
Weight: 5 Lbs