Lighted Water Air Purifier and Freshener

Don’t just cover up odors; remove them with the Lighted Water Air Purifier and Freshener. This amazing home air filter actually pulls air in, and then washes it; releasing clean, water-washed molecules. The Water Globe is the room air purifier that removes cooking odors, pet odors, cigarette smoke and other unpleasant smells from your home.

Have a Lighted Water Air Purifier and Freshener in every room, even your workshop or RV. No filters to change just pour out the water and wipe clean. Refill with fresh water, and add essential oils, or the deodorizer/sanitizer fragrance of your choice. The home air filter fills your home with a lovely, fresh aroma for hours.

Put this room air purifier in your bedroom, and enjoy the soothing sound of your air being washed clean. Just add your deodorizer or aromantic oil, and your room will be sterilized and fresh with the Lighted Water Air Purifier and Freshener. The air purifier has these features and more:

• Covers a room up to 600 sq. ft

• Purifies, deodorizes, sterilizes

• Home filter that removes dust and indoor air contaminants

• Aromatizes; neutralizes odors

• Humidifying air cleaner

• Freshens the air

• Releases clean fresh air

• Water washes with scrubbing action

• Smooth water washing noise puts you right to sleep

• Refreshes the room with therapeutic aromas

• Adjustable speed allows you to set to an ideal speed and sound that is best for you

• Includes one .10 oz. scent and a shield sanitizer/deodorizer

• Additional scents available online

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 6.5  Inches
Width: 6.5
Height: 8  Inches
Weight: 3 Lbs