Lighted Golf Balls

Set of three Twilight Super Nova lighted golf balls are regulation USGA-approved for size and weight and have Surlyn covers to make it leap off your clubface. The lighted golf balls perform just the same as the golf balls you're used to in terms of aerodynamics, control, accuracy feel and distance. The only difference is that they light up when the club hits them, they stay lit for eight minutes after you've taken your shot, and then continue to glow gently afterward.

LED lighted golf balls are perfect for practicing your swing in the backyard after work, or playing miniature golf with the kids in the evening. And you'll be ready to play in night golf tournaments which are becoming more and more popular across the country.

• Set of 3 regulation golf balls with bright, built-in LEDs

• Illuminates on impact for 8 minutes — glows continuously afterwards

• Set includes 3 balls — one glows blue, one glows white and one glows green

• Lets you follow the ball from the moment it leaves the club face to its final destination

• Super responsive Surlyn cover

• Lets you play in the early morning, evening and in low visibility weather

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Width: 5.28
Weight: 0.10 Lbs