Lightstim LED Wrinkle Reducing Wand

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Erase wrinkles naturally with Lightstim LED Wrinkle Reducing Wand, a handheld non-invasive device used by professional spas, estheticians and dermatologists. FDA cleared to treat wrinkles on your entire face, Lightstim LED Wrinkle Reducing Wand stimulates the body's own natural production of collagen and elastin with 72 LEDs to deliver safe, effective and painless light therapy. It’s easy to use and suitable for all skin types and tones. Includes a 30ml bottle of Lightstim LED Wrinkle Reducing Serum and storage bag.

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Lightstim LED Wrinkle Reducing Wand

Lightstim LED Wrinkle Reducing Wand penetrates the epidermis layer of the skin, stimulating your body's natural ability to produce collagen and elastin. This increased volume of collagen and elastin "plumps up" the dermis layer, gradually pushing out lines and wrinkles on your face.

• Professional-strength LED light therapy — used in spas and salons for over a decade

• Firms aged/tired skin, reduces the appearance of pore size, smoothes texture, increases elasticity and recaptures your skin’s radiant glow

• For use on the face

• FDA cleared to treat wrinkles on the entire face, including forehead, crow’s feet, cheeks, nasal labial folds, jawline and lips

• UV-free, beneficial light rays

• 72 LEDs — amber, light red, dark red and infrared

• LEDs penetrate the top layer of your skin to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin

• Emits a soothing, gentle warmth

• 100% painless

• Can be used on all skin types and tones to diminish fine lines and wrinkles

• Clinically proven results — in FDA clinical studies, 100% of participants showed improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles in just 8 weeks

• To use: cleanse your face, apply Lightstim LED Wrinkle Reducing Serum or your favorite anti-aging serum (if desired). Turn on the light, place it gently touching your skin and hold in place for about 3 minutes. Move the light to a new area and repeat until you have treated all desired areas. NOTE: It generally takes about 8 weeks to start to see the first signs of improvement, and continues thereafter. Once you have achieved your desired results, use two to three times weekly to maintain.

• Includes Lightstim LED Wrinkle Reducing Serum (30 ml) to maximize results

• Can also be used with any other anti-aging serum or no serum at all

• Can be used while you watch TV or talk on the phone

• Maintenance free — no cartridges, LEDs or battery replacement costs

• Includes storage bag

• Serum refills available at

• Five-year warranty

• Manufactured in the U.S.A.

• Plugs into an AC outlet

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition.

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