Learn to Play Keyboard for iPad

Your instructor is acclaimed piano teacher, Scott Houston—also known as "the Piano Guy." He'll appear on your device's screen and demonstrate the correct fingering while the iPad® Learn to Play Keyboard keys light up to guide you through the correct notes, yourself. It's easy and fun to follow along, and the keyboard delivers an impressive, rich, real piano sound.

But just in case you want to indulge in some private sessions before you perform in front of an audience, use the headphone jack on your iPad® for quiet practice. You'll even be able to learn to read music notation so in time you'll be able to play virtually anything from standard sheet music.

• Includes a 25-note lighted keyboard with touch-sensitive keys

• Free instructional app available via iTunes

• Compatible with all iPhones, iPods or iPads. Apple Lighting Adaptor needed for iPhone 5, iPad with Retina Display and iPad Mini

• Has built-in stereo speakers

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Length: 9  Inches
Width: 12
Height: 3  Inches
Weight: 2.5 Lbs