LED Word Clock

Forget numbers, the LED Word Clock displays the time as text! It’s easy to set, easy to read... and tons of fun to have around the home or office. Instead of two hands or a digital display, the LED Word Clock shows the current time as words in bright white LED light. For example, if the time were 10:50, the LED clock would say, “It is ten minutes to eleven.” At 6:25, it would say, “It is twenty-five minutes past six.” Includes easel back for tabletop use or hangs on a wall.

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LED Word Clock

The LED Word Clock is the only timepiece that selectively highlights a matrix of words to display the current time. It’s a new way of looking at time!

• Ideal for home or office

• Fun for kids to read

• Time is displayed in words

• Shows time in five minute intervals

• Words are illuminated in bright, white, easy-to-read LED light

• Easy to set, only two buttons (“+” and “-”)

• Built in easel back for tabletop use

• Can also be hung on a wall

• Plugs into an AC outlet


Length: 8  Inches
Width: 2
Height: 8  Inches
Weight: 1.3 Lbs


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