LED Lamp with Air Purifier

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Working extra hard, whether you’re working or relaxing, this LED Lamp with Air Purifier will illuminate your reading, while freshening the air around you. Filterless air purifier eliminates 99% of pet allergens, dust mites, viruses, bacteria, molds and even MRSA. It has 2 blower speeds, and cleans a room up to 175 square feet. The energy and cost-saving light has 3 dimming levels, and is perfect for relaxing, reading, studying and bedtime mode. It will not cause eyestrain, and does not emit UV radiation; ozone and toxin free. Plugs into any AC outlet, and stands 17” tall.

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LED Lamp with Air Purifier

Never before has one small product looked out for you like this LED Lamp with Air Purifier; it gives you the bright (or dim) light needed for any task or book, while purifying the air around you without a messy filter to change or clean. Go ahead and enjoy your favorite book, or stay focused on studying for a class; this light is also protecting you from harmful molds, allergens and 99% of virus causing germs.

• 42 bright white LEDs (equivalent to a 75W incandescent)

• Energy saver compared to a 75W incandescent lamp. Saves an average of $.11/KwH (saves $286.00 on utility bills over the life of the lamp based on average of $.11/KwH)

• Operates cooler than incandescent and fluorescent desk lamps

• Uses only 12 watts and lasts long life of 50,000 hours

• Lasts up to 22 years based on 5 hr/day usage

• Environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic mercury

• No flickering!! Will not cause eye strain

• Does not emit UV radiation

• No filter

• Air purifier’s effectiveness has been tested and proved from academic research organizations/3rd party independent laboratories

• Ozone and Toxin Free

• Dimensions: 2.3”L x 2”W x 17”H

• Black

• Plugs into an AC outlet

• For medical reimbursement information please click here.

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Length: 2.36  Inches
Width: 1.97
Height: 16.9  Inches
Weight: 3.35 Lbs

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