Kaleidoscope Laser Pen

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Focus and keep your audience's attention when you use this amazing green laser pointer pen to lead them through your next presentation. The green laser beam shines 50 times brighter than the more familiar red beam, and can even be seen from 3 miles away. And because the human eye picks up on the green light more efficiently, it makes a greater impact.

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Kaleidoscope Laser Pen

What's more, when you twist the Kaleidoscope Laser Pen's head, it projects 4 different, and absolutely amazing, beam patterns for special lighting effects just about anywhere. And unlike a red laser, you can actually see the side of the green beam of light as it travels to its destination—not just the lighted dot on the screen. Comes in handy for signaling companions while hiking, camping, hunting, star gazing, and of course, enticing the cat to an energetic workout.

• Shines 50 times brighter than a red laser pointer

• Its green color is highly visible, highly noticeable

• 532nnM range

• Output power of 532 nm +-10

• Projects approximately 3 miles

• Requires 2 AAA batteries

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Length: 6  Inches
Width: 1.5
Height: 1.63  Inches
Weight: 0.14 Lbs

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