One Minute Coffee Maker

Using an advanced total immersion brewing system, the One Minute Coffee Maker extracts rich coffee flavor and brews the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had – all in under a minute! Water and coffee grounds for up to 4 cups of coffee are mixed together for ten seconds, and then using gentle air pressure this innovative coffee maker pushes the coffee and water through a micro filter in 20 seconds. The lower brewing temperature and quick brew time result in the smoothest cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted, quicker that you could ever imagine.

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One Minute Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers involve a series of compromises that prevent you from brewing a truly delicious cup of coffee. When using a drip coffee maker the water is too hot when it initially hits the grounds, releasing bitter flavors. As the water passes through the grounds it cools down, which prevents it from extracting maximum flavor. The One Minute Coffee Maker solves those challenges, making up to 4 cups of superior coffee – coffee that tastes so rich you’d be glad to wait for it…but you won’t have to.

• Brews coffee or espresso in under a minute

• Brews 1 – 4 cups

• Micro filter for grit free coffee

• Reduced bitterness

• Exceptionally robust and smooth flavor

• Aeropress


Length: 3.75  Inches
Width: 4.5
Height: 6  Inches
Weight: 1 Lbs

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