Ionic Comfort Quadra Air Purifier

This Ionic Comfort Plus Quadra Air Purifier is the updated, new edition of our classic model. It’s more efficient and even quieter than ever!

• Super-efficient room air purifier removes viruses, molds, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, pollen, bacteria and odors from the air you breathe

• Never needs a new filter. Just clean the permanent stainless steel filter in the sink or dishwasher

• Includes 2-year full replacement warranty!

• In a recent test, it removed 99.9% of airborne bacteria

• Space-saving tower design

• Four redesigned fans are quieter than previous models

• Variable speed control

• Handy “Check Filter” LED illuminates every 90 days to remind you about cleaning

• Safe and economical to leave running 24 hours a day

• Energy Star Efficient – Consumes less than 25 watts on high and 6 watts on low

• Will not interfere with computers, audio players or other devices

• Whisper-quiet technology

• UV-resistant plastic helps maintain white body color, even in harsh sunlight

• Captures atomic-sized particles HEPA filters can leave behind

• 66" cord length

• AHAM-Verified cleaning performance with 193 Dust, 200 Pollen, 170 Smoke CADR in a 263 sq.-ft. room

• Germ certified

• Recommended room sizes 263-400 sq. ft.

• Air Change Rate:

- 12x per hour (every 5 minutes) in 100 sq. ft. room

- 5x per hour (every 12 minutes) in 225 sq. ft. room

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 11.6  Inches
Width: 7.3
Height: 28.2  Inches
Weight: 21 Lbs



Please click here for the product manual.