Instant Vacuum Meat Marinator

Marinate your food in 5 minutes? It sounds impossible, but the Instant Vacuum Meat Marinator makes it easy with a handy air pump and airtight container!

• Marinate meats in 5 minutes

• Includes airtight container and air pump

• Place food and marinade/brine into the container

• Large capacity (2.5 quarts)

• Pump out the air with the included pump

• The vacuum process opens pores and fibers of the meat, making it even more succulent

• Marinade or brine is absorbed instantly into the food

• Works on all types of meats, plus poultry, fish and vegetables

• Durable polycarbonate construction

• Dishwasher safe (top rack only)

• Freezer safe

• Microwave safe

• Includes vacuum pump (hand wash only)

• Ideal for camping/cookouts

• Makes a great gift for your favorite foodie

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Length: 10.75  Inches
Width: 10.75
Height: 4.5  Inches
Weight: 2.65 Lbs