Inline Flex Station

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Start living life pain-free and increase your mobility with just a few minutes a day on the Inline Flex Station. The portable, compact unit guides you through the process of properly aligning your spine, shoulders, and hips without the need for risky and uncomfortable inversion sessions.

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Inline Flex Station

Like having a physical therapist always on call, the Inline Flex Station helps relieve back and other muscle pain on your schedule, whenever you want it. Simply grasp the Inline Flex Station's handles with the arm rolls behind your elbows and upper arms and lean forward to feel the gentle traction from your neck, along your back and down your legs.

Plus, the Inline Flex Station allows you to decide how strong you want your traction to be—the further you lean forward, the stronger the traction. The chest pad and handles support you so you don't stretch any further than what’s comfortable for you. With regular use, the Inline Flex Station soothes your body's core. It has a sturdy steel frame with padded chest pad, handles and arm rolls for complete comfort.

• Portable

• Compact

• Sturdy steel frame

• Padded chest pad, arm rolls and handles

• Correctly aligns your body's core

• No power source required

• Some assembly required

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Length: 34  Inches
Width: 23
Height: 38  Inches
Weight: 29 Lbs

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