Indoor Gourmet Garden

The Indoor Gourmet Garden helps you achieve great results every time. It’s easy enough for beginners, and fully customizable for advanced gardeners.

• Indoor gardening system

• Uses mess-free seed pods with growth sponges instead of soil

• Seed pods available at

• Includes three grow lights with aluminum reflectors

• Height adjustable to accommodate plants as they grow taller

• Computerized brain walks you through every stage of planting and growing

• Easy-set automated lighting cycles

• Advanced users can easily customize all critical garden functions, including lights, nutrient cycle and pump cycle

• “Germination mode” increases seed germination rates

• “High growth mode” automatically increases oxygen and nutrient flow to fast-growing plants

• Versatile trellis system offers a wide variety of plant support options

• Audio alerts for adding nutrients and water

• Plugs into an AC outlet

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Length: 11  Inches
Width: 14
Height: 33.5  Inches
Weight: 11.5 Lbs