Ice Traction Slip Ons

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Don’t let snow, ice or slippery weather slow you down this winter - pull the Ice Traction Slip Ons over your shoes for dramatically increased traction on slippery winter surfaces. Manufactured using rugged thermoplastic and ground gripping steel studs, these second soles stretch easily over men’s and women’s shoes and boots sized 8-13. Ultra durable thermoplastic outer soles are extra resistant to cold and can be rinsed clean with water using any hose or tap. No struggling with straps, laces or fasteners – just pull these amazingly light outer soles over your shoes for the traction you need on snow, ice or other slippery winter conditions.

Ice Traction Slip Ons

Winter falls are nothing to laugh about – in a split second icy conditions can have you flat on your back causing painful bruises, sprains and even broken bones. Fight back with our Ice Traction Slip Ons. Constructed of light yet durable thermoplastic with ground-gripping steel studs, these elastic outer soles provide the extra grip you need on slick winter surfaces.

• Stretch-on second soles help prevent slips and falls on ice and snow

• Constructed of rugged thermoplastic

• Sturdy steel studs provide vital traction on slippery winter surfaces

• Added traction makes winter walks and hikes safer and easier

• Extra resistant to cold

• Rinse clean under the tap or hose

• Stretch to fit over most any shoes or boots

• Fits men's shoes/boots sizes 8-13

• Fits women's shoes/boots sizes 9 ½ - 12

• No cumbersome straps, laces or fasteners to trip you up

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Length: 9.61  Inches
Width: 6.1
Height: 0.35  Inches
Weight: 0.5 Lbs

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