Ice Pop Maker

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Making your own frozen treat is a great idea…if you think of it hours ahead. But with this innovative Ice Pop Maker, you can eat your on-demand frozen treat in as little as 10 minutes. Create up to 12 ice pops using flavored syrups, yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit and more. You pre-freeze the Ice Pop Maker core ahead of time; just pour chilled ingredients in to the mold and they practically freeze before your eyes in minutes. The BPA Free Ice Pop Maker comes with 8 re-usable ice pop sticks, 4 drip catching cups, and a tool to extract treat from the mold, plus idea booklet.

Ice Pop Maker

Customized ice pops are so much better because you control the quality and the ingredients. Have endless fun experimenting with different flavors, fruits, juices and other ingredients. The endless wait is over, because this Ice Pop Maker has a core that you pre-freeze; this jumpstarts your frozen treats so they are ready to eat in just about 10 minutes.

• BPA Free

• Includes 8 ice pop sticks

• Comes with 4 drip cups and removal tool

• Makes 3 sets of 4 pops without refreezing

• Ice pop tray stays frozen long enough to make 3 batches

• Features a booklet of idea starters and suggestions

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Length: 6.5  Inches
Width: 6.5
Height: 8.5  Inches
Weight: 6.5 Lbs


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